Sunday, March 11, 2012


Surely you already know, or even closely acquainted with the animals are fond of eating the young leaves is not it? Snails can be found around us, usually located in a pile of bricks or tiles, or in other humid areas. Animals are classified as soft or animal is commonly called Mollusca from East Africa, then spread throughout the world in a relatively short time, this dikarena snails can breed with soft cepat.Selain as animal bones, snail is also a hermaphrodite animal or animals in pairs ganda.Berarti animal has two kinds of gamete cells in tubuhnya.Tetapi the snail, the two kinds of gamete cells are not ripe at the same time, so as to reproduce the two animals are still needed in order to achieve fertilization.

Snail body part is divided into four main parts: head, neck, legs, and tools dalam.Kepala snail has a pair of short tentacles which sized, tentacle functions as a sense of smell and a pair of long tentacles which serves as a sense of vision. One hallmark of snail can be seen in the mucus that is at the bottom of his head, information sourced from some of the article the results of googling, the snail slime is from the snail mucus glands muksosa.Fungsi to moisten her belly that serves as a foot, the snail stomach composed of strong muscles and bergelombang.Bisa we see, this snail will leave a trail of slime when it is running.

Benefits of snails which are:

1.Bekicot a source of high quality animal protein as it contains essential amino acids complete.

2.Sejenis known drug derived from Maulie called snail skin, which can cure diseases such as seizures, heart pounding like, can not sleep or insomania, swollen neck and diseases including white women.

3.Lendir on the inside of the shell can be used topically for cuts and rip cuts, as well as to accelerate the maturation of boils.

4.Dagingnya good for the treatment of liver disease and Hepatitis B.Biasa in this famous encounter, snail meat kebabs or chips made of snails.

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